Monthly Archives: December 2015

Abandoned children

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Theresa Takafuma narrates a heart-rending tale of abandoned children. I first met Charles and Talib on one of my visits to this place down in Chief Makore area, in Gutu. As someone who loves adventure, walking in the

The festive season is here

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Ilizwi263’s wise uncle, Thabani Mpofu, reflects on the adventures of his youth. Years ago, in the early nineties (when I was a lot less wise than I am now) I used to declare the festive season officially open on

Jesus shows up in Bulawayo

[Satire] ilizwi263 resident lunatic, Lunias Filtered is hurling abuse at the moon. And rambling about Jesus in Bulawayo… The local press is calling it ‘the most significant event since our independence’, after Jesus Christ revealed himself in the second capital of the Democratic Sovereign Republic

Soldiers hijack public transport

When those charged with protecting civilians become bullies, it begs the question; who will protect us from our protector? Kundai Marunya writes about the abuse of public transport by army personnel. It was a chilly Wednesday evening a few days after the rains that hit

Why men fear intelligent women

Guest blogger, Zola Ndlovu writes about the relationship challenges of the educated single woman. “So, what do you do anyway?” I look at him from across the table, considering my response. My reply would be the difference between celebrating Valentines’ Day or Singles Awareness Day

My mother, the overcomer

Khanyi Gumpo pays tribute to a super heroin from whom she derives inspiration… Have you ever found yourself unemployed, broke and at the verge of homelessness in a harsh foreign country, with no kith and kin to whom you can say, “Gogogoi ndauyawo pano?” That