Monthly Archives: December 2015

Pray for Zimbabwe

UK based blogger, Jean Fadzai Gasho is moved by the plight of her countrymen back home. Her message is simple… Exactly four years ago my father, Never Gasho, made a national call to the people of Zimbabwe to unite and pray for our country. He

Disability levy – the unanswered questions

The Government of Zimbabwe has proposed a Disability Levy. Colleen Chifamba, a blogger on disability matters, gives her analysis. A few months ago I came across the proposed Disability Levy and I wondered why there was no noise about it on social media. Had people

Public urination

Guest blogger, Theresa Takafuma, writes about about a social ill that has become increasingly “normal” in urban Zimbabwe: public urination. Recently the world marked the World Toilet Day, and this really got me thinking about the so many men and women I see squatting and

Bulawayo women beat up their husbands

The United Nations Population Fund recently released statistics of physical and sexual abuse by province. Writing from Bulawayo, ‘the place of slaughter,’ ilizwi263’s resident madman, Lunias Filtered gives his analysis Names are fascinating things, aren’t they? You wake up one day and wonder why that