Monthly Archives: April 2016

Desperation grips Zimbabwe

We are desperate for a leadership that will not tear down houses that they watched us build with our hard earned money. We are getting even more desperate for affordable education and medical care.

My visit to Wha Wha prison

Every time I heard about prisoners, I always developed feelings of hatred towards them and believed they are right where they deserve to be. I was one of the people who believed that criminals should pay for their crimes in the hardest of ways because of the discomfort that they cause in society.

A moment with Nyasha – a child with a disability

Patricia’s husband died while her two kids were still young. Nyasha has a younger sister who wrote her grade seven last year. Her in-laws did not want anything to do with Patricia and her children once her husband passed away. They made it clear that the rejection was because of Nyasha’s condition.

How to overcome cyber-bullying

As a blogger, I have accepted that there will always be three kinds of people who read my work: some will love it; others will hate it; and still others will be indifferent… occasionally an Internet troll will step on to my platform and shout