Monthly Archives: December 2016

Family reunion – the downside

There are things we say because we are still young and inexperienced when it comes to life; cliché kind of statements. At parties, weddings, family reunions, or any such kinds of settings. Statements we grew up hearing adults say to certain people in certain situations. Such statements, when we grow, and learn a bit more about life, we must just abandon.

Linda Masarira saga reveals Zim tribal tension

At the conclusion of the war, we collectively put on a show of pretence. Bob Marley sang “Zimbabwe.” Thomas Mapfumo sang “Rita, Rita, hondo yapera Rita”(the war is over). We celebrated. But nobody ever thought to rebuild the minds that had been traumatised by years of rape, killing and torture.

Nobody likes a freeloader

They are familiar with all the latest gadgets and give you unsolicited advice basically on how to upgrade your life, all the while pouring another expensive drink and heaping more food onto their plate.

My hospital ordeal

When the gynaecologist finally showed up, he did a clinical examination whereby he stuck his fingers up my birth canal and told me that I was having a miscarriage and that my womb was already open.

Selecting the right election candidate

For me, an ideal representative is one who rises from the people. Someone for whom everyone – no matter which political party they come from – can be identified to have a passion for community development, not just the hunger for power…

Black Monday as Mugabe sneaks back Zim dollar

Lately we have seen fuel shortages return. It has also not escaped the public’s notice that more and more newly minted bond coins are appearing in the system, while fewer and fewer greenbacks are in circulation. Where is the US dollar going to?