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Housing for all – but only if they support Mugabe

Vokal Da Poet’s Diaries of a Village Idiot are narrated by the deceptively intelligent Idiot who writes nostalgic references to his rural home while addressing critical national issues.

Home demolitions – Mugabe legacy
Home demolitions – Mugabe legacy

Mother said: “You can not keep two cocks in one chicken house.”
Everyone who keeps chickens knows this is true. When I talk of chickens I don’t talk of broilers. No, I talk of real chickens. African chickens. Road runners. If you have 2 cocks in one chicken house they will always fight together, and in the end one will be killed by another.

No women can share a kitchen

Now, in our family there is something that we do everytime: when a son gets married, his new wife is given a field that is for herself, and her husband is showed a place where to build a round kitchen for his wife. And father will help him to build that kitchen, and to make sure that it is nice. When the kitchen is finished, mother will give the wife of her son pots, pans, spoons, plates and other few somethings to use in the kitchen. She will even give them food for start.
Some people did not do this. They just lived with their children and their wives. But mother said it was not nice to do that. She said women who are grown-up and married cannot share a kitchen. She said every woman is a Queen in her kitchen. So you cannot have 2 Queens in one kingdom because they both want to be ruler. What if she wants to put muti/juju in her husband’s food so that he has power in the bedroom? How will she do it? Mother said that that is always the beginning of gossip and rumours, one will start telling her friends that her daughter-in-law is a problem because she is lazy and talks too much and cannot cook nicely.
And the daughter-in-law will say to her friends that the mother-in-law is a problem because she talks too much, and she is lazy and she cannot cook nice things. And then the rumours and gossip will become more and more, and in the end they will stop telling their friends those rumours and gossips, and they start to tell them to each other, shouting at each other. And the husbands will always be trying to stop them from fighting.
So mother did not like things to end like that. She wanted the wives of her sons to love her. So she was always giving them a nice place to live and to do what they want.

Unplanned home demolitions

Now, I think someone at the government of South Africa thinks like my mother. Because that person knows that if you don’t want someone to live somewhere, you find a nice place for them to live. You do not just say, “Get out!” When they don’t have anywhere to go.
Like mother and father, the South Africa government will build something nice for you somewhere.
But not the Zimbabwe government. The Zimbabwe government doesn’t care where you go if they remove you from somewhere. They destroy your house and chase you away. They don’t care that you don’t have somewhere to go. Did you see what they did when they did Murambatsvina? They destroyed houses of people and too many people did not have somewhere to live, and they became street children. They lied that they will build houses for those people, but instead they build houses for police people and soldiers and other people who support the ruling party. And not the people with destroyed houses.

Sorry madam, just doing my job - Zimbabwe home demolitions
Sorry madam, just doing my job – Zimbabwe home demolitions

Champions of home demolitions

You know what they did with the farms? That some people get more than one farms when many people don’t have even a garden? That is what happened with the houses they build after Murambatsvina. About two months ago they did it again. They destroyed people’s houses and left them with nowhere to go. Let me tell you something, they have not yet finished. They shall destroy other houses, and leave people with no place to live. They are champions of home demolitions and only that.
They walk around saying:”We want housing for all people.” And when they hear it, people think that when they say that they are saying they want all Zimbabweans to have somewhere to live. No!

Housing for all‘ means they want all the supporters of the ruling party to have houses.

If you don’t support them, they don’t care. They don’t care.

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