Nobody likes a freeloader

Freeloader: the bottomless pit

Freeloader: the bottomless pit

Ever come across those types of people who help themselves to things that they haven’t worked for? That awkward houseguest who marches into a space empty handed but demands the fanciest of food, the finest wine, talks the loudest about how great they are at everything?
They are familiar with all the latest gadgets and give you unsolicited advice basically on how to upgrade your life, all the while pouring another expensive drink and heaping more food onto their plate. The worst is this person in a restaurant, declaring how their sophisticated palate doesn’t accept anything other than the finest of everything. That is the mark of a freeloader.

Freeloaders keep taking

There is no limit to a freeloader's appetite

No limit to a freeloader’s appetite

This type of person’s pocket, though, is stitched up. In fact, I don’t think that their clothes are made with pockets. Picture that awkward moment when the bill arrives and they pass the bill folder down the table away from them! No shame. No embarrassment. Just swiftly moves it along. This type of person actually helps themselves to the change when it’s returned after the bill has been paid.
They are the last to leave, always pouring another drink. I guess that there aren’t enough hours in the day to hear about just how great they are. When they finally do – the rest of you stare at each other in absolute horror. Mortified at their lack of shame. You excuse them the first time, and because they are a friend of a friend, ah, you reckon that they’ve got to actually be okay.

But the next time that you see them, being slightly wary, you observe the same behaviour, the same entitlement and the same collecting of the change, or the same habit of leaving the host’s house with ‘take away’ drinks, glasses and a plate of food. Each encounter with a freeloader leaves you utterly bewildered at the confident entitlement and you’re unsure about how on earth other people endorse this behaviour and wonder where the hell this person is employed!

Freeloaders in leadership

It’s like this with my government; a group of self important, self congratulatory and self remunerating, blustering and blundering puffs of hot air. It doesn’t make any sense to me – they hold a firm belief that the citizens of this country must fund their lifestyles! Fund their scores of children, mistresses, medical conditions, birthday parties, mansions, fancy vehicles, bicycles, hobbies, phone bills, holidays, internet connection, electricity bills, oh my the list is endless!
But, here’s the worst part.


All for doing nothing! For waking up in the morning to display sheer idiocy and ineptitude!
Remunerated for doing absolutely nothing! Huh? Well, perhaps it has been toil of the most distressing kind to run down a system that wasn’t made by them. Inheriting infrastructure that just wasn’t created by them was too difficult to maintain. Picking up the change – hell the whole amount in the bill folder and continue to sit at the table! Picking up a dairy farm here, a gold mine there, a piggery over there, wheat harvest, carburetor manufacturer, textile factory, African Violet exports, an airline here and all the impala in a national game park to graze on the rugby field and all the money in the country! And all the while professing their greatness!
Hmm. Those types. Like all human leeches, my government comes to the table armed with tall tales; self proclaimed liberation struggle credentials that are as ever shifting as the seasons and a huge, insatiable appetite.