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Politicians are corrupt – accept it

Vokal Da Poet’s alter ego –  The Village Idiot –  weaves a humorous tale that goes from life in the village to the cesspool of corruption in politics.

corrupt politicians
corrupt politicians

Father was not happy. What are the  neighbours going to say now? What about everyone in the village? People were going to walk around saying that mother and father are not good parents. This was not right. But father always knew it: a girl child can do things.

Parental disappointment

First it was my sister, Sisi Rudo. She went and came back with a pregnancy that had no owner, and now she had a child with no father. And then now my other sister, Sisi Tambu, had failed to live with her husband, and she had come back home.
Sisi Tambu said that her husband had beat her, and she could not live with man who beat her. And when she was coming back home, she had stopped at the Police Station to report. Now father was worse than angry. Father said that mother and him had never seen anything like this. They did not teach their daughters to report their husband.

Husbands beat wives – accept it

“Does she think she is the first wife to be beaten by her husband?” Father said. “We know that a husband can at other times beat his wife if she is not listening. All these people in the village, their husbands beat them, but they don’t run to report. It is a part of marriage to be beaten.”
Mother just looked like someone had died. No. Sisi Tambu was going too far with things. So mother, took her and sat down with her to talk to her. I am telling you, Sisi Tambu is lucky because mother said to father that she will speak with her. Otherwise father wanted to bring out his sjambok, Stop Nonsense, and beat her with while she is carrying her bag going back to her husband.
Mother told Sisi Tambu that this is what happens in the house. She told her that a woman must be keep holding on, that is the job of a woman. When you are a woman and you have your own house, this is another one of other things that can will happen. The only man who does not beat his wife is a man who was made to eat muti that is going to make him silly. Look at VaManyenga. Mai Manyenga made him eat. Everyone in the village knew it.

After speaking with Sisi Tambu, mother and her went to the police and said she did not want them to arrest her husband anymore because he did not beat her too much. And after that time, they went to her house.

Corrupt politicians

Now, me I always listen when people are talking. You know, the people here in Jozi, especially my another friend so who is called Julius, he tells me that people must not say Zuma is a thief because every president is a thief.
Also in Zimbabwe, I know people in the village who said that everyone said that the president and the government and the ministers and the top people are thieves so they must go. But everywhere in the world presidents and ministers and other top people also steal.

Corrupt politicians - from Sparrow Chat
Corrupt politicians – from Sparrow Chat


But also people must not forget that the party and the president and the ministers and other top people are the ones who were fighting with the white people so that we can get independence. So it is fine for them to do what they want. In all over the world, people in government steal.
Before the party took independence from white people, black people were not allowed to walk in a place called First Street, in the city. But now, because they are walking everywhere they want, and even selling things like tomatoes and other somethings in First Street, they want to talk too much.
Some other people said that the white people used to make the black people work too hard like they were donkeys. But look at what our black government is doing. Now people can just sit at home and not go to any work, and just wait for a rally for them to be given maize to plant so that they can have food.


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