Zanu (PF) succession wars will feed no-one

Tatenda Gwaambuka writes about the succession fights and, of course, the F word – factionalism in the ruling Zanu (PF). He also offers advice to the youth

Zanu (PF) succession wars
Zanu (PF) succession wars

Our leaders have been watching on as the nation’s economy continues on its downward spiral. No, wait, they have not just been watching, they have been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Some are the kings of social media while others use conventional media to fight their battles.

Succession wars inconsequential

Dear leaders, all those little wars you have been waging are inconsequential and should not even be given any coverage. We need to hear you fight against the so-called “sanctions”. We know “sanction” is your word for mismanagement and corruption. Thank heavens the Cuthbert Dubes are out of the picture, this is a step in the right direction and we hope to see you take several more steps against immoral profiteering at the nation’s expense. We need a clean-up! Anyway, this article is for the youths who have to face a bleak future because of the unnecessary tug of war in the upper echelons of the leadership.   `

Message to the youths

My fellow youths, if you do not wake up and start paying attention, you will fall prey to this sick decoy the powers that be are creating. Stop religiously flipping pages of newspapers for the latest drop on G40 and Team Lacoste; both probably do not have any plans to change your life any time soon. Rino igore rezhara (hunger is the reality of the year) and you are busy reading newspapers about who got humiliated at the last rally. Will the stories fill you up when the hunger sets in? Wake up and smell the coffee. Go to Zambia and buy some maize, you might make money from it.

You could be a farmer

If you are even wiser, you will look for sustainable ways to save yourself and your community like the Moneymaker Hip Pump which can pull water from 7 meters and irrigate an acre of more. These are the solutions your leaders are not talking about as they position themselves for their ascension to power. No wonder the President told them to shut up. They are not talking any sense and we all see it. The wise will start “googling” up this pump which will set you back just $70 but give you a lifetime of harvests instead of searching the web for what was said in Provincial meetings that are irrelevant to the economy.

Look for opportunity

Start looking at the weak South African rand and figure how it may work for you. This business of running around being used as political pawns threatening war veterans will not give you a single dollar of profit. You will beat up war veterans and wake up the next morning still poor with slightly more problems than you had yesterday as I am sure they will trade a few punches they saved up from the war even if you win. South African products are particularly lucrative at this time because of the exchange rate. You can import more goods for less, and with the extortionist pricing models in Zimbabwe, you will make double the profit you could have made. Trust me, the rand will not be as weak forever, it is a passing phase and only they who see opportunity in it will make a killing.

Read a book!

Even closer to home, the wise youth will start STEMitising. At least the good Professor Jonathan Moyo took time to create something for the youths. Your A levels could be free if you take up a Science subject combination and maintain satisfactory performance through-out. Grab a book and educate yourself in anticipation of a renaissance in Zimbabwean industry. If it is not there by the time you are done with your studies, be the renaissance you want to see with your STEM knowledge.

Save yourself, politicians don’t care

There are countless other things an intelligent youth could be doing rather than cheering on the bickering leaders who are making their own living from the pointless talking. It does not matter who wins, the point is, if you do not put yourself first in your life, no politician will work miracles and save you. They have their own lives and kids to empower before they think about you. Be your own saving grace.

Tatenda Gwaambuka is a law student who doubles as a pan-African writer. He is passionate about economic development and empowerment of the youths in Africa.
His articles have also appeared on The African Exponent website.

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