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Apology – Independence Day cartoon


ilizwi263 apology

Our apology

Last year (April 2016) we published an Independence Day cartoon that depicted Zimbabwe as a person held hostage by Zanu (PF). However, upon introspection as the ilizwi263 team, we took down the cartoon because we recognized its potential for offence.

Unfortunately, a different news portal has, this year, republished the cartoon in question.

We were mistaken in thinking that taking down the cartoon would be the end of the issue, but once something is out in the digital public domain, it is virtually immortal.

While we may not be responsible for the further propagation of this image, we take full responsibility for having put it out there in the first place. It is through such errors that learning and new understanding take place.

ilizwi263 core values

ilizwi263 stands for equality for all, human rights and, in particular, the rights of women, a position which is mirrored in our content.


We regret the offence caused by this cartoon.


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