Déjà vu as Zimbabwe’s 2008 ghost returns

2008 problems in 2017

The year 2008 was the zenith of shortages of basic commodities. Hyperinflation reached levels that had only been seen during Europe’s Great Depression. After a decade of hyperinflation, Zimbabwe learned from its mistakes and switched to a more stable United States dollar economy. Human rights award winning activist, Linda Masarira, has this morning been on the streets, monitoring the situation in Harare where the frightening specter of 2008 has returned.


Waking up from a bad dream?

This morning I woke up in a frenzied panic. No! It was not because I had a nightmare. It is because I woke up thinking of that which had kept me up till way after midnight: how am I going to survive living in Zimbabwe with all that is happening?

  • Obviously my salary, due in a couple of days, will not be enough to buy what it usually bought! Will my family make it through the month?
  • How will I even be able to get the cash out of the bank?
  • With a looming international travel, how will that work out?
  • How will Christmas be like let alone tomorrow?
  • What’s my exit strategy? I have mouths to feed!
  • Burning! Will it be possible?
  • Ndotangira pai? Where do I even begin?

I woke up with these and more questions in my mind.

Terror on World Peace Day

I now officially describe myself as a terrorised human being – which is ironic considering that 21 September was World Peace Day. I would like to believe that a lot of you reading this are as terrorised as I am.

Burning currency – the trade of dealing in forex, which we saw between 2000 and 2008 – might work for the lucky few but it won’t be a sustainable.

And emigrating, mmmmm, for those who can yes, but do we have another place to call home save for Zimbabwe?

We need to put an end to this terror!

We are all aware that life is not easy, but surely it is not meant to be this hard!!

King’s ransom for lotion

Have you seen the new prices for lotion? You pay US$18 for a bottle of lotion which is R48 (US$4) in South Africa This calls for action Cdes. Zvatotanga so – the chaos has begun. Things fall apart. There are two things here its either we rise up now in our numbers and protest or we keep quiet and continue to suffer.

The frightening price of lotion (in American dollars)

Zimbabwe down a greasy slope

There are fuel queues all over Harare today – does that sound familiar? I have just passed by Belgravia service station and there is a long winding queue at Zuva garage.

2008 fuel shortages return
2008 problems in 2017: fuel queue (Belgravia, Harare)

People are hoarding cooking oil. Some want to pretend that all is well in Zimbabwe. You can rig elections but you cannot rig the economy. We only have ourselves to blame for our hardships. It’s time we say NO to oppression and speak with one voice.

2008 problems in 2017
Cooking oil shortages fueling black market and price increases

ZBCTV news at 8pm last night (22 September 2017)  reported that forex shortages push prices up. Stop telling yourself that voting won’t change anything. Voting will change everything. A two litre bottle of Pure Drop cooking oil is now going for $5, up from from $3.50.

Please go and register to vote. Your vote counts

Reserve Bank on a printing spree

2008 in 2017
A bag of newly minted bond notes, despite RBZ claiming printing limit reached

Today (22 September 2017) was bad for Zimbabwe. Somehow there was a flood of the bond notes, a pseudo currency which the RBZ claims to have absolute control over. The citizens surmise it is the same Gideon Gono technique, employed in 2008 to mop up any remaining foreign currency on the market. Within hours the already increasing flame of inflation got a fresh douse of petrol as the rate lunged to its highest yet – perhaps an unfitting metaphor, given the prevailing petrol shortage. Swipe system, Point of Sale Machines, which the majority of Zimbabweans earning an honest living had to resort to for payments in day to day subsistence, was reportedly being denied at most outlets. The ‘tuckshops’, an area in Harare’s CBD,  renowned for wholesalers with relatively cheaper priced goods, closed early as they began refusing bond notes after it became apparent there was a glut of these notes. Where traders continued to accept bond notes, the price of goods increased by a vast margin.

2008 is back and Zanu (PF) don’t care

Mangudya 2008 time traveler
RBZ Governor Dr John Mangudya takes Zim back in time

The year 2008 is fast making a return and painful memories of that time are already churning the stomachs of many.

Meanwhile the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr John Mangudya, vowed that he would resign, in the event that his bond note invention failed to solve the ongoing shortage of United States Dollar bank notes. Dr Mangudya has so far not kept his promise. Gresham’s Law, which they were warned about, came into effect and with a vengeance. Now every scrap of forex with higher intrinsic value is becoming a figment of a once bearable reality. As the powers that be remain clueless but continue to exhibit quite bourgeoisie, flagrant lifestyles it further irks the conscience of the masses. The question, whose response is never, is when have they ever cared? They are wrought with one scandal after another. Many of them have corrupt legacies stretching from before today’s youths where even conceived.

From another angle we are victims of our good nature, docility and amicable countenance. And just like any normal predator, our leadership knows this and do as they will and decide as they wish.

If you are not angry you are not paying attention.

Let’s shut down Zimbabwe


The business sector, street vendors, civil servants, taxi operators and all concerned citizens how long will we as a people stand by and watch this government drive us into absolute poverty.

Zanu (PF) has no clue on how to solve the current crisis they created, it is up to us to make a change. Only you and I can be the drivers of the change we want. As a starting point, let’s all close shop, stay  home and bring the country to a standstill on Wednesday 27 September 2017 in Solidarity with each other.


A message has to be sent to the sleeping President; enough is enough!

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