How weight-loss changed my life

Before her incredible weight-loss, MaKupsy suffered a crisis of confidence. Read about her personal story and find out how her life changed for the better.

MaKupsy: Before the weight-loss journey

MaKupsy: Before the weight-loss journey

The shock, horror that struck me when I got off the scale that day is one of the reasons I am still on my health and fitness journey.  The year was 2014, my weight 83kgs, condition; obese.

This was nearly 3 years after giving birth to my daughter and the scale read a whole 83kgs!  I looked like a beached whale! Just days away from giving birth I weighed in 83kgs, fair and fine, I was pregnant.  Now I had a real problem on my hands; what was I doing weighing that much when I was not carrying anything?  I had to do something and I had to do it fast. In August 2014 my journey to good health began.

How I lost weight

I have challenged myself emotionally and physically and I have pushed myself to levels I never thought possible.  From running anything between 5 to 15 kilometres on any given day, to learning how to dance to Zumba, practicing Yoga and meditation, making healthy eating choices to taking on different exercise challenges every month; I have finally found that one thing that fires my soul!  It never occurred to me that being overweight was one day going to transform my life completely.  Fast forward to January 2017 I feel healthy, happy and strong.

No shortcuts to weight-loss


There is no quick fix or cutting corners on the weight-loss journey.  If you want to see results you have to remain determined, committed and motivated otherwise you will be disappointed, so don’t expect an overnight success.  I pride myself in being fit, with strong abs, despite having gone through childbirth. Often people let their bodies go after giving birth. Well, not this mother; I am living proof that you can still be fit, healthy and sexy after bearing a child.

Blood, sweat & tears: No shortcuts to weight-loss

Blood, sweat & tears: No shortcuts to weight-loss

Recruiting others into the weight-loss journey

I have shared bits of my journey on social media and, because of the overwhelming messages from people asking me how I stay fit and motivated, I decided to create a WhatsApp group.  #RunWithFitnessBae connects men and women who enjoy running and exercising from in and out of Zimbabwe.  I encourage everyone who is either struggling with their weight – or those who have already reached their optimal weight and seek companionship in their fitness journey – to check us out. You will see just how committed our group is to fitness.

How my life has changed

MaKupsy: Before and after weight-loss

MaKupsy: Before and after weight-loss

My weight-loss journey has helped me to believe in myself. I have never experienced so much joy and fulfillment. I am in a healthy and happy space emotionally and physically. I know I have days that I will fall off the wagon, but I will always pick myself up and continue to work towards my goal. I find pleasure in helping everyone around me. My family, friends and even strangers have also joined me on this journey. Knowing that I inspire others to do great things is one of the many reasons I will never stop working on different ways of improving myself.

Self esteem

Before, I used to think that no guy could possibly be with me because I had two things that I thought held me back. Firstly I am a single parent and secondly I was overweight. In my world back then, I felt I had to be grateful for whoever deigned to be with me because I thought who would want to be with “damaged goods?”

You have no idea how much weight-loss changed my life!  It took my confidence level to a whole new high. I realised that I could actually have standards and stick to them.  It was no longer about how lucky I was to be with someone because tables had changed, it was now about what was special about you to be with me. I also now respect myself enough to walk away from situations that harm me, unlike before, where I used to stay and try and make things work even when things were clearly beyond rescue.

Hurt people hurt people

Losing weight also helped me to be less judgmental. Everyone enjoys hearing about the qualities you admire in them. I used to be bitter and never ran short of bad things to say about the next person.  Months into my journey, I realised that if you have nothing good you see in yourself, chances are that you will have nothing nice to say about the next person. That bitter attitude soon changed. You don’t know what the next person is going through and therefore you should be kind to everyone, yourself included. It takes a lot of introspection for someone to admit that there is something wrong that needs to be fixed and actually get up and do something about it.  This is what weight-loss has done for me; I get up every day knowing I have a chance to be kind to myself and truly be in love with myself, flaws and all.

I have a “can do” attitude; whatever I tell myself I want to try out I go all out and give it my 110%.  There is nothing I have dared myself to do and not followed through on. The power of a positive mindset is indeed priceless!


If you are currently in a bad space like I was three years ago, you too have the power to change.  I can only hope my story inspires you but the rest is truly up to you!


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