The angel living on earth

What if he truly is an angel?

In this poignant satirical piece, Trevor Makonyonga evaluates the hypothesis that an angel lives in our midst.

The angel living on earth
The angel – pic from Pinterest

It seems my country is not going to get better soon as a nonagenarian and his gang of septuagenarians do not look like leaving power anytime soon. All of my fellow young Zimbabweans have thrown in the towel and only survive by hope; the hope that fate will soon settle the dust that humans have failed to deal with.

Fair to say, the docile nature of us Zimbabweans has brought us thus far and there seems to be some divine hand that we are all waiting on. But that divine hand has not come to deal with the evil souls that have plunged us all into our present predicament.  It seems every Zimbabwean’s name is written in some book of divinity where a better life is to be achieved but only after fate and divinity deals with the existing political system.

What if the angel was ordained?

If the general consensus is that the Party – only Zimbabweans know which party is referred to as “the party” – and their archangel are the major hindrances to the success of the nation, what if, as he has said and others have told us, he is indeed a divine appointee from some form of deity in the skies (not heavens) or underground?

What if the gods approve?

What if all the power bearers and bootlickers have all been sainted by the holy angel Gabriel? In that case is my young generation of comrades doomed until the day the angel goes to sleep? In any case, what if the sainted folks have applied to their divine god to make their angel immortal? Is this country going to remain the same? If the angel was sent to saint others to appease the divine “god” and doom the future of the people, then who would know? Maybe the whole situation was sanctified by a certain divine power somewhere.

What if the angel is immortal?

immortal angel?
Is the angel immortal? – from Pinterest

By faith, Abraham in his old age became a father of nation. By faith, Enoch did not face death in his old age. By faith, Moses became a leader in his old age. By faith, the angel became a grandfather in his old age and is seeking another term to saint and sanctify his followers who have helped to protect the holy sanctuary and his throne. It is by faith that he could be immortal like Enoch too not knowing if his god can make him vamoose from this earth alive. If the god of the angel has called him to lead the nation across the sea into the wilderness and stay there for forty years, then my dear folks we still have three more years to go. By faith the youth will only but dream dreams and see visions of a better future.

The angel’s grace

It is known that by God’s grace, humans have life. But by the angel’s grace, a slight bit of order and a little disGrace has buried the country. By the angel’s grace, the poor countrymen have a true picture of what elegance and glamour is. His grace is loving to the extent that everyone who plasters her face on cars and sings praises to the angel gets some sort of reward. In the event that the angel happens to be indeed mortal, then maybe, just maybe his grace may take his place.

The hills and the eyes

Jesus in the Bible said that if none of the humans will worship the father then he would turn the stones into men to worship Him. The stones, those broken down fragments that litter the earth after weathering. Now that the angel has very little support, his divine deity gave him eyes everywhere to uproot any negative comments about him; but if the hills had eyes all could sing maybe the plight and pleas of the youth would have a witness. If the hills could sing then the messages that can’t be broadcast on national television to encourage every eligible voter to register would be sung everywhere freely. Maybe there could have been some power to question the authenticity of the angel without fear of losing life, imprisonment or being banished into exile.

Clipping the angel’s wings

Rather than taking a backseat, the X that Lobengula used to give authority to the colonisers, the same X that brought “the angel” into a sanctuary he doesn’t want to leave is the same X that can redeem the country. Nobody has to hold an axe rather the X that is so virtual in one’s hand is the key. If the X will not work then maybe the coloured marble that defeated Yahya Jammeh will. The hand holds the X and the marble and not the axe and the stone.

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