Actress comes face to face with Zim’s collapsed hospitals

Sharon Chideu is the darling of online media, she is one third of NAMA winning Bustop TV. In the last month, she has won two awards with her cohorts Gonyeti and Luckie Aaroni. But above everything else, Sharon – “Magi” as she is known on screen – is mother to a little girl called Samara.

let down by hospital

IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? Sharon “Magi” Chideu and daughter Samara

Being a single mom is hard, yes we talk about being independent women, tough women, rocking it chii chii but yah. All my body wanted to do was break down and cry, but I couldn’t do that.

Where are the doctors?

I was all alone, my baby lying on my lap, both of us seated outside on a bench at the clinic. The nurses had told me my daughter needs to see a doctor. The doctors are on strike, I didn’t have enough money on me to go to the private hospital. It serves me right for procrastinating on medical aid for her.

Hospital strike Ruvheneko

On this picket sign, striking doctors sarcastically ask to marry the health minister’s daughter… for $329 lobola (a doctor’s salary)

When things are bad, even a mum wants her mummy

The meds they had prescribed were out of stock at the clinic (so much for free hospital treatment for kids under the age of five). My phone had switched off, battery died and the clinic staff had told me I need to go outside because it was closing time. I couldn’t even sit on the bench outside because they wanted to shut their gate, so I had to wait outside for the taxi cab. The one person who always drops everything when I need her was across the border, my mom.

My baby is my rock

hospital strike leaves Sharon stranded

A mother’s love

Samara is my rock, my anchor, when I’m down she always lifts me up, it is hard seeing her like this. Now she is telling me about “Aunty Ellen” – that is her preschool teacher. She isn’t feeling well but wants to go to school. I don’t think she inherited that from me!