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How a baby reminded me of my infinite abilities

Baby Namatai
Baby Namatai
Little Namatai – named in honour of a heroic woman

So I’m literally going through a lot of emotions right now. I just helped a mother who was in labor give birth to her baby.

We were a bit late, and l was the one at the back of the car and the baby’s head had been trying to come out for like a while, I was afraid we were going to lose the baby because the mother kept on squeezing the head. So I eventually told her to push and it was so freaking scary. l was crying the whole time.

A baby girl!

But when l finally held the baby l became calm and l turned the baby upside down, so that she would not choke on the water, l saw them doing that to my son when l gave birth.

So we got to the hospital 30 minutes later; both mother and baby are both in good health.l think they’re going to call her Namatai, that’s what the baby’s parents were saying earlier on.
And that’s a picture of me holding the baby when I got to the hospital and you can see the mother laying there at the back of the car.

You have infinite potential

On the 4th of February 2018, l helped a mother bring her precious child into this world. I can’t put my feelings together to fully explain how l feel but good heavens I’m happy.

I never imagined that I would singlehandedly help a woman deliver a baby. But God entrusts you with situations he knows you can handle. God knew I had the ability in me. Never underestimate your potential.

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