Fat does not define me

Fat is just a word

You say fat, I say it’s just a word

Fat, sidudla mafehlefehle….

I used to loathe these words. Countless times, they have been used as insults thrown at me to hurt me. Growing up I used to think I was insignificant, unattractive and totally unacceptable because of the way my body was built. For a very long time I would hide from society and this in turn made me an introvert because I feared the stares from strangers, friends and sometimes even family because my body was just “too ugly” to look at.

The key to happiness

I still get told that if I lose weight I’ll be prettier, then I will get one, a boyfriend, two, a good job and. three, be happier.
I attribute the “missing” three items to the fact that I am an introvert and I am afraid of dating. I’m working on this I swear! Secondly, eish, the economy is hard at the moment. Lastly, I believe it is self love and confidence that could make me happy.

Fat is just a word

It’s taken me a whole three decades to come to the conclusion that fat, sidudla mafehlefehle are nothing but words. These words may describe the way I look but they do not define who I am and losing weight is not my life’s purpose.

Self acceptance

So what if I huff and puff if I have to run (okay walk very fast, jeez stop judging me) or climb a flight of stairs!
I don’t wear certain types of clothes because they don’t flatter my voluptuous body and a good bra for my E-cup breasts costs a fortune. At the end of the day this body, with all its rolls, cellulite and stretch marks, is mine. If I don’t love and cherish it, who will?

SIDE NOTE: I give the fluffiest cuddliest hugs and I’m not “winter stock” I’m an all types of weather woman