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Zimbabweans have a short-short memory

short-short memory

One day me and Mainini Rosina we went to the grinding mill at the township. And when we were standing in the line waiting for our maize to be grinded, a man came to where we were sitting on the outside of the grinding mill and he started to talk with Mainini Rosina. I think the man is a friend of Mainini Rosina because she was laughing-laughing to all of the things that the man was speaking, even if the things he was speaking they were not jokes. Like for example, the man he said that he wants to see her tomorrow, and Mainini Rosina started to laugh-laugh.

Going bananas over Rosina

After the grinding mill man finished with our maize, the man said he will push our wheelbarrow. And then when we were going home he stopped at the place where his sister is always selling fruits to the buses that stop on our township bus stop and he took many bananas and he gave them to Mainini Rosina and he said that she must carry them for the others at our home. Mainini Rosina started to refuse refuse, but the man said that it is a bad thing for a person to refuse to be given a nice thing by someone who is liking her.

So Mainini Rosina she took the bananas.

And then after we had walked walked, Mainini Rosina said to the man that he must go back to the township now because she did not want Sekuru Mairosi to see her walking with a person who is a man.

Keeping secrets

And after he was gone Mainini Rosina said that we must eat all of the bananas and we must finish them now now, and that I must not tell any person about the man and about the bananas. She said that if I am a good boy and if I listen to her and if I don’t tell any person about the bananas and the man, she will always buy sweets for me and many other nice things.

Now, Tererai is always liking to show off things to me. So she started to show off to me saying that father carried her on his shoulders when me and Mainini Rosina when we were at the grinding mill, and they walked until they reached the kraal and they came back. And me I told her that I don’t care that father was carrying her on his shoulders because I ate bananas, many bananas. She said I was lying, but I said it is true.

So she was become angry and she ran to mother to tell mother that I was saying that I was eating bananas at the shops.

In the night when we were sitting on the fire, after we finished eating the sadza of the night, mother started the story. She asked Mainini Rosina who bought bananas for me at the township. I am telling you, I have a good lucky that the eyes cannot kill any person, because the way that Mainini Rosina started to look at me!

The problem is short-short memory

Sekuru Mairosi said that the problem with people like Mainini Rosina is that they forget a thing about yesterday because of sleeping. He said that the bananas of that man who wants every woman in the village to born his child were making Mainini Rosina to now forget that one day the wife of Baba Berita, Mai Berita, when she saw Mainini Rosina at the township she started pulling her hair and her clothes and beating her. He said that Mainini Rosina was forgetting that Mai Berita said that if she hears that they are still loving each other she will come with all of her children and she will give them to Mainini Rosina to be their mother because she wants to be a wife of a man who is having children. And even on the Sunday when Mai Berita saw mother at church, she started shouting to mother that she must keep her sister away from her husband.

Sekuru Mairosi said that Mainini Rosina must not do things like the people who grow up in the komboni of the farms like Baba Berita and Mai Berita.

Grandmother did not say any anything. She looked at Mainini Rosina and she clicked her tongue and the shaked her head.

Zimbos have a short-short memory

Here in Jozi, the people here they don’t forget-forget things easy-easy. No, they are always remembering the things that happened before. Even if that thing it happened many-many years ago, they will remember it and they will tell you about it.

But back home at Zimbabwe, the people there they forget. Right now, at the time of a corona virus, the big people, the president himself, the big crocodile, the bigger of the big crocodiles, and his friends, they are building a nice hospital for themselves so that when they touch the virus they can go there and be given medicine. But the hospitals of everyone do not have any medicine.

But you will see that when it is now the days of voting, the people they will forget about this and they will vote for the crocodile and his friends again. He will just give them a skipper that is having his face on the front, and they will forget that he does not care about them. I am telling you.