Zororo Makamba’s death – coronavirus wake-up call

Coronavirus claims a young life

A young life has been lost. I feel angry and, like everyone else, overwhelmed by the news of Zororo Makamba’s death. I’ll outline why below

We mourn with the family now but they are part of the elite and, as such, enjoyed many privileges. If, in the past, they had at least helped improve the healthcare facilities of the country, we might not be here today, at least with the necessary equipment for times like these

The multiplier effect of coronavirus

Zororo traveled to a high risk area and didn’t self isolate on his return. Instead he went all over Harare. According to The Herald, he went from the airport, to his home in Borrowdale, Ministry of Finance offices, a meeting with 25 Midlands State University media students, a night club, the bank, a friend’s house, the gym, Wilkins Hospital and eventually a private hospital. Why did he not get placed under quarantine on his return from America like ordinary citizens?

He was privileged enough to be able to travel to New York in such times then came back to infect people who possibly wont even afford two nights at a hospital. But we won’t talk about that right?

Imagine the poor in hospital

The people he came into contact with could have traveled all over Zimbabwe, all of them in turn infecting new people with the coronavirus. You get the point. Corrupt people know each other and what they can afford. If I had gone to that hospital no one was going to ask me for that US$120,000 ngoba nje its not there.

I really hope this serves as a wake-up call and reminder to those in power that they should do what’s best for everyone because they might one day need those same services. After all, we all depend on the same healthcare system, particularly now when travel is restricted.

Remember the cholera outbreak?

Why am I feeling overwhelmed? If the son of a man with connections, one who could afford to buy a whole ventilator could not be saved, what about the rest of the population that can succumb to the simple cholera or meningitis because we don’t have money for the most basic medication?

May the Makamba family find comfort during this difficult time.