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My empty Christmas stocking – Santa’s unfulfilled promise

My experience at the hardware store took me by surprise, as it reminded of how acceptable and normal it still is to some people, to conclude that a woman can or cannot do certain things. It might have been one man who thinks women should stick to their gender role of knitting, but my experience in the store confirmed a few things about being a woman.

We need a song for the Mighty Warriors

If Sanii Makalima and his friends can influence the whole country to rally behind the Warriors with their song ‘Go Warriors’ even after so many disappointments, then a song for the Mighty Warriors can yield the same effect. I’m sure I am not the only one who doesn’t want a scenario where the Olympic Committee will tell us that Rudo Neshamba, the lady who scored the winning goal against Cameroon, will not be going to Brazil because she doesn’t have a passport! We need to prepare for Rio De Janeiro to avoid having to ship the ladies to Brazil after realizing that the Munorurama Coach that once took the Warriors to Malawi does not go to Brazil.

Yes, not everybody can vote during the ZIFA elections, but we can surely remind those responsible for running football in the country that they are in the office to deliver. A song will remind them that, come August 2016, we are looking forward to be sitting on the terraces cheering the girls on in Rio De Janeiro; and those in power should not dare take that dream away from us. Brazil is a great nation and its every footballer’s dream to go there at least once in their lifetime.

5 things 2008 revealed about Zimbabweans

With no running water, only the few with boreholes in their yards in the low density suburbs had readily available options. The masses in the ghetto explored their hidden engineering skills to identify potential spots for clean and safe water without disrupting the councils’ pipes or drainage system.

Without any qualifications in land surveying or modern equipment to help them, my brothers in the ghetto made a living from digging wells to provide everyone with the precious liquid. Most of these wells have stood the test of time, as they still serve their purpose even beyond the crisis period.