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Zupco bus in Kadoma

Pandemonium as ZUPCO arrives in Kadoma

“ZUPCO is 50 cents per trip! The minibuses and mshikashika taxis charge $2 for a trip to Rimuka (2km out of town) and $3 to Ngezi. Rio Tinto Mine is $4. I travel to town and back to Rimuka daily, so you can imagine the cost per month”

good Samaritan

When a good Samaritan surprises you

Imagine you traveled from Harare to Johannesburg hoping to make a better life. Then you find there are no jobs. Your stomach is rumbling. You enter the supermarket hoping to buy a bun with your last coin. While you stand in the confectionery aisle a complete stranger does this….

Unthinq Media, TV, African Dynasties Animated

African Dynasties S01E01: Winnie Madikizela Mandela

It’s about time that Africans told their own story, and some Zimbabwean content creators have stepped to the challenge. African Stories For Africa day this year, Unthinq TV launches the first episode of “African Dynasties”, a short 2D animated series focusing on African icons and