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Linda Masarira saga reveals Zim tribal tension

At the conclusion of the war, we collectively put on a show of pretence. Bob Marley sang “Zimbabwe.” Thomas Mapfumo sang “Rita, Rita, hondo yapera Rita”(the war is over). We celebrated. But nobody ever thought to rebuild the minds that had been traumatised by years of rape, killing and torture.

Black Monday as Mugabe sneaks back Zim dollar

Lately we have seen fuel shortages return. It has also not escaped the public’s notice that more and more newly minted bond coins are appearing in the system, while fewer and fewer greenbacks are in circulation. Where is the US dollar going to?

The owl has no horns – Zimbabwe protests

When future generations review events of this tumultuous period, it will be obvious that the government’s import restriction was the spark that lit the fuse, but several other events had added to the rising tension: Itai Dzamara’s abduction, the loss of 20,000 jobs in August 2015, Mugabe’s admission of the misplaced $15B…

My president is alive!

My President is back to deliver two million jobs, to pay the civil servants their bonuses and to end the power cuts. He can fight anything. Because he is fit as a fiddle!

Memoirs of a propaganda writer

When they came for me, I had just put the last full stop on a brilliant eulogy to his Excellency the president and commander in chief of the Zimbabwe defence forces, the chancellor of all existing and yet-to-be-built state universities, the African Union chairman, first