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Selecting the right election candidate

For me, an ideal representative is one who rises from the people. Someone for whom everyone – no matter which political party they come from – can be identified to have a passion for community development, not just the hunger for power…

Soldiers hijack public transport

When those charged with protecting civilians become bullies, it begs the question; who will protect us from our protector? Kundai Marunya writes about the abuse of public transport by army personnel. It was a chilly Wednesday evening a few days after the rains that hit

Howard hospital leads the way

The high cost of healthcare in most cities has created a reverse migration. Kundai Marunya writes about his experiences at a rural hospital. I recently traveled to Howard Hospital in Chiweshe to get medical assistance for my sister-in-law. She had been diagnosed, elsewhere, with genital

Keep your apology

As a people we often lose sight of what’s important; building relationships with our neighbours and those in our community. Instead we allow ourselves to be used by politicians to fight their wars only to be abandoned after we have outlived our usefulness.
Zanu (PF) has a history for screwing people over.

In recent times we have seen victims of the faction wars apologising to the nation for their many wrongs. First was the former VP Joice Mujuru, who is now suddenly a champion for democracy. Temba Mliswa, well known for corruption and torture in Hurungwe is another case in point. I was most shocked to see prominent torturer and initiator of violence, Jim Kunaka, who led the Chipangano militia in Mbare, issuing an apology on the South African news station, ANN7.

I am a sceptical about these apologies. I wonder, though, if those who lost their loved ones in the violence of 2008 are ready to forgive. After all, ‘sorry’ does not have the power to revive the dead. An apology does not delete the memory of burnt backsides.

Proudly Zimbabwean

Ghetto revival: everyone’s responsibility

Who then is to stay and develop what we grew up around? Definitely not our urban councils who have evidently failed already.

Looking at it, if anyone who has come from the hood and is proud of their area enough to develop them, our ghettos will not be in the sorry state they are.

How can we stand and watch while all the recreational facilities like community centres and swimming pools have been turned into places where residents go in to dump their waste, when council vehicles do not pitch to collect them?

I feel it is the duty of us as residents, as much as it is for the councils, to make our areas habitable.

Catching up to changing times

We have a very sunny and windy nation which can easily provide us with clean energy and reduce the global warming causing our climate change; again no plans are being made to take advantage of this.

We may hide behind the dead economy gimmick, but then is it about the money we currently have or making plans for the future and having enough conviction to try by all means to implement them?

And before we go on ahead to national planning we should also plan our own lives as individuals and small communities or business entities, looking at the environment and where it’s likely headed.