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A Harare without litter

Yes we do not have the best service delivery, but what can we do to help out, noting the little resources our council has to work with?

I’m sure, if money permitted, they could sweep the streets maybe three times a day, but would it be a wise use of resources when we can just place our litter in the right places?

There are other areas that need money more urgently, like revamping the water supply. I’m taking my stand against littering, and if everyone else joins in then there won’t be need for sweeping.

ZANU PF youth league in 2013

When politics trumps the law

We were greeted by a raging fire in the eyes of the ‘comrades’ who were setting up base. I remember being shoved to the dust as we stepped inside, a slap on my cheek for trying to protest, and a kick on my ribs for ‘disrespecting’ musangano (the gathering).

Harare’s ticking health time bomb

Not so long ago, the city was hard hit by cholera and typhoid, diseases that can easily spread through the ideal conditions at the eating spots. The City Council seems to be turning a blind eye while the council police and ZRP officers fatten their pockets from bribes from the restaurant owners, but it seems people are quick to forget.

The restaurant owners’ excuse is the high licensing fees, high cost of implementing health and environmental standards that restricts them from operating proper businesses.