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forgive mugabe

The persistent myth of a complex Mugabe

Mugabe’s definition of power should not outlive him. As we bury Mugabe, we should bury the intangible ways in which he embedded his way of doing things into the very fabric of our society. Let us bury the cynicism and pretense, the prioritization of appearance over substance, the pursuit of influence and power by any means necessary, the nonsensical massive entourages, the masses at the airport, the cult of personality, the bootlicking, those hideous African prints with a man’s face covering a mature woman’s bosom.

The truth about Dumiso Dabengwa

I pray that my generation finds a comparable way to live up to its own mandate. I pray that we find a way to carry a common cause so fierce that it trumps personal ambition, and allows us to find a shared horizon, one that goes above political party, religious, or tribal fealty.

Drugs and ZimDancehall- it’s time to talk.

Art is indeed the mirror of society, and there is arguably no artistic vehicle at the moment that is better suited at capturing the experiences of young Zimbabweans than Zimdancehall. However, I think that the role of art or music does not end there. Beyond mirroring, art should paint the vision of what society should become.

Zimbabwe Coup

Zimbabwe’s textbook coup.

What happened in the month of November was not a overall change in the winning coalition, it was merely an edit, a rejuvenation (how loosely we use the word for youth…Mnangagwa is 75), a restoration of a legacy as the coup executors called it. The coalition size has not expanded. Rather, it has moved in the opposite direction. The triumvirate consisting of the Zimbabwe Defence forces, their civilian reserves in the form of the war veterans, and the ruling party ZANU PF remain in power, only with the role of the party even less diminished. The gun now leads politics. The true power has emerged from behind the throne, and we are celebrating it like the proverbial idiot who claps for a witchhunter, even one who is out to catch his own mother. We have just witnessed the narrowing of the winning coalition, and the closing out of whatever democratic space remained in Zimbabwe.

Poll: Do protests work in Zimbabwe?

The opposition MDCT party has threatened to roll out a series of mass protests to force the ZANU PF government to urgently address the worsening economic situation. This is despite police threats to crush the demonstrations.

MDC T national spokesperson Obert Gutu said that the party’s organizing department and youth wing were seized with logistical arrangements. “…in a few weeks you will see something on the ground” he said.
The MDC T has been threatening mass demonstrations over bad economic conditions, but nothing has materialized so far.

Cast your vote and let us know: ‘Do you think protests work as a form of political expression in Zimbabwe?’

A long time until checkmate

The Zimbabwean situation, with its high unemployment and rampant social decay, has led many people to desperation. Many young folk spend their time numbing their senses with cough syrup (bronco, or ingoma in our local lingo), or any other psychoactive substance they can get their hands on. Many others have resorted to sports betting as a way of making a living. Let’s not even mention the criminals.

These guys, however, are sitting in a bar, none of them imbibing (as far as I can tell), and spending their time sharpening their minds with the ultimate strategy game. The one dollar bet is just an added incentive to the players, ‘so that someone can’t say ‘I wasn’t thinking!’ as Caradine says.

Poll: Zimbabwe O’level requirements

“…I’ve been amazed by the number of requests I’m getting from students when I interact with the public. They’re saying they want to be excused from Mathematics because they’ve done subjects that have nothing to do with the subject.

“Enough is enough. We don’t think it should be possible to produce an educated person who has no Mathematics at O-Level,” said Prof Moyo.

Do you think Professor Moyo is right in imposing this requirement? Take part in our poll and tell us what you think!