Diary of the village idiot abroad (3)

We are inheritors, and sometimes we inherit the wrong things.
Like, the rompers I wore as a baby were inherited by my mother’s sister’s daughter, and she gave them to their brother’s wife for her son. And then it was Marasmas who last inherited them.
People shared what they had and no one walked around saying I gave this one that thing, and if it wasn’t for me that one will suffer. No. Giving each other things was a way of showing that I love you and someone inheriting something from someone means you love them too. If the thing was not too old, someone could use it.

I think that is how people spread AIDS. The condoms do not get old, so I think people would give each other after using it. And would only stop after the condom was broken.
Ask anyone, everyone says they use condoms when sleeping with other people

Diary of the village idiot abroad (2)

I heard guys from home talking about news of what is happening back home. They say the government wants to force the people to pass maths. Why? Surely why?

They just want to eat money because maths is very difficult. It was my best lesson, but I did not pass it. And it is useless in life, for example these guys I work with have everything, maths what what but we do the same job and get the same money.

There are no jobs in Zimbabwe, and there are jobs here in South Africa, but they don’t ask if you have maths. They do not want maths, because maths will not do the job for you while you sit or sleep. No. The person does the job. Maths will not buy your mother tennis shoes for winter, or sugar for tea. And I do not know about the prostitutes in Harare, maybe they want maths, the ones here want money.

Diary of the village idiot abroad

You see, when you get in a shop, your money will not say I am from a degree because a degree doesn’t give birth to money. But Diaspora money speaks for itself. Even the government wants the diaspora money, because they set up a Diaspora Fund for us diaspora people to put money in. There is no “Degree Fund.”

A person needs only enough education to be able to read and write, and to count money.
And the ignorance my people had is the same ignorance the people of South Africa have. They were demonstrating for free university education. For what for? They should demonstrate for free primary school education. Or even better, for free passports.

One cannot travel anywhere using a degree. Look at me, with my passport I can go to work anywhere in the world, and send money home. I can go to UK, and wash old ladies and buy a car. But what about a degree? It sits home with you.