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Zupco bus in Kadoma

Pandemonium as ZUPCO arrives in Kadoma

“ZUPCO is 50 cents per trip! The minibuses and mshikashika taxis charge $2 for a trip to Rimuka (2km out of town) and $3 to Ngezi. Rio Tinto Mine is $4. I travel to town and back to Rimuka daily, so you can imagine the cost per month”

Dear ableist

Dear ableist

Dear young lad at the bar – please don’t congratulate my husband for marrying someone in a wheelchair or commend his bravery for ‘not giving a sh*t about looks’….

Menstrual cup

Why I hate the menstrual cup

They tell you that it can’t get lost inside your cervix, but it can travel further up and make removal difficult. So it helps to have strong pelvic muscles to do kegels to help shift it. And if you are overeager about yanking it out, there will be blood everywhere…

Zimbabwean woman cooking on wood fire

How to speak Zimbabwean

Zimbos (that is us Zimbabweans) have learnt to make a plan, work around, become resilient, all the while making jokes and laughing about the situation. Zimbos are the friendliest people you can find…

police corruption

Back to the era of police corruption

I was asked me to pull over to the side of the road. They explained that they were arresting me for the offence. I asked for my ticket but was told that they had no ticket books and couldn’t give me the ticket but would take a fine of $60, $30 for one offence and another $30 for another.

Thierry Henry

Mugabe killed Thierry Henry

I remember – way back before Mugabe had killed the industries – I had a job and my office computer password was “Henry14.” Thierry Henry had no equal in his position. In fact, the less reverent Arsenal fan would say Thierry Henry was God. That is why there is a statue of him outside The Emirates Stadium.