Submission guidelines

ilizwi263 is always on the lookout for new voices.

We are interested in stories – whether in film, audio or text – that tell the Zimbabwean story from a youth perspective. ilizwi263 is a blogging platform created to encourage dialogue among Zimbabwean youth. We prefer stories on social justice, and encouraging youth participation in national affairs. Our maxim is ‘real people telling real stories.’ We do not publish creative writing or journalistic articles.
Present your story in your own voice, but be innovative; when readers are presented with so many options, in this age of information, mundane narrative is more likely to be overlooked. Make it funny, make it thought-provoking, try satire and, most of all, infuse your story with genuine emotion.
We are apolitical – anyone can write for ilizwi263, as long as the story fits our profile.
Text should be no less than 300 words and no more than 800. Video footage should be not more than 90 seconds to enable easy download.

Do you have a story to share? Contact us at [email protected]