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Death of a real hero

The death of a real hero

Up until 2008, Babamukuru was a very strong man. He would ride on his ‘black horse’ bicycle for often long distances. A great farmer, an accomplished builder, a stylish cobbler, and an outstanding iron-smith, he was a very innovative and practical man. Babamukuru was a jack of all trades.

Fear grips Zimbabwe

The Central Intelligence Organisation operatives are everywhere like a bad smell. Their task is listening to the whispers and targeting those voices that rise up above others, rise up to lead the citizens…

Mugabe stole my Valentine – why I hate February

Valentine’s month is the most tortuous 28 days on the calendar. The inane commercials, the red and black clad professional women, the bouquets of roses carried proudly from offices, more for exhibitionism than the need to take them home…

Selecting the right election candidate

For me, an ideal representative is one who rises from the people. Someone for whom everyone – no matter which political party they come from – can be identified to have a passion for community development, not just the hunger for power…

Keep your apology

As a people we often lose sight of what’s important; building relationships with our neighbours and those in our community. Instead we allow ourselves to be used by politicians to fight their wars only to be abandoned after we have outlived our usefulness.
Zanu (PF) has a history for screwing people over.

In recent times we have seen victims of the faction wars apologising to the nation for their many wrongs. First was the former VP Joice Mujuru, who is now suddenly a champion for democracy. Temba Mliswa, well known for corruption and torture in Hurungwe is another case in point. I was most shocked to see prominent torturer and initiator of violence, Jim Kunaka, who led the Chipangano militia in Mbare, issuing an apology on the South African news station, ANN7.

I am a sceptical about these apologies. I wonder, though, if those who lost their loved ones in the violence of 2008 are ready to forgive. After all, ‘sorry’ does not have the power to revive the dead. An apology does not delete the memory of burnt backsides.