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Abortion – injured wombs

Zimbabwe is like many other places, where morals are preached by fire and thunder, yet the pulpit talk matches little action. While this is not entirely related to the above conversation, I have no doubt today that ‘abortees’ (if there is anything like that) are not your ‘loose’ young women or girls. They are not commercial sex workers. They are the goody-goody girl who has a family and community to please. The church girl who is a role model. They are the mother of three boys or girls, desperate for a child of different gender at the fourth attempt. They seemingly are the women who have a ‘reputation’ to protect.
The health ministry provides post-abortion care in government hospitals. These ‘respectable’ women will not set foot there, fearing the possibility of meeting someone connected to their network.

Christianity and feminism: oil and water?

As a result of these conflicts, I personally find myself in a place of contradictions.

I was raised in a Christian home and went to Catholic school where religion was our daily bread. Qualities such as humility, meekness, submission and subservience are values which were instilled to become part of my very being. If ever I intended to have a good marriage, these are values I was advised to stick to. Anything contrary to this would be against God’s will.

As I have grown, however, I have become more and more consumed by the desire to be heard, to make an impact and to fight oppression and gender inequality. ‘Silent’ and ‘submissive’ are two words that do not quite describe me.

And yet, I still love the Lord.

It sounds discordant to identify myself as a Christian feminist. But that is what I am.

And yet, a lot of ways in which women are portrayed in the Bible upset me. Women never quite seem to have any autonomy and they appear to be more of ‘supporting acts’ in a man’s world. For one, no woman wrote any of the 66 books in the Bible. Did God speak to men alone?