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Fear grips Zimbabwe

The Central Intelligence Organisation operatives are everywhere like a bad smell. Their task is listening to the whispers and targeting those voices that rise up above others, rise up to lead the citizens…

When politicians are playing house

Playing house consisted of someone volunteering to be the mom, the dad and the rest of the cast would play varying ages of children. Costumes were very important in bringing the reality alive, and so playing the mom or daughters was a coveted role.

Selecting the right election candidate

For me, an ideal representative is one who rises from the people. Someone for whom everyone – no matter which political party they come from – can be identified to have a passion for community development, not just the hunger for power…

Zimbabwe police riots Harare

From Smith to Mugabe: More of the same?

Most Zimbabweans were born after Independence and have no first hand experiences of the evilness of Rhodesia. Our view of Rhodesia; its keeps, reserves, segregation and brutality is through history books.

On the other hand our experiences with teargas, police brutality, violation of laws, unemployment, corruption and poverty are not only recent but also painful. Not once but many times over.